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West Coast Seattle Boy: The Jimi Hendrix Anthology (4CD + DVD)
Item #: JHCD017

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This four CD/1 DVD collection tracks Jimi’s incredible journey from R&B sideman to international acclaim.

This collection presents – for the first time – the most sough after of Jimi’s pre-Experience recordings as a sideman for such Rhythm & Blues stars as The Isley Brother, Don Covay, Little Richard and others. All of the misinformation and fake purported to feature Hendrix are swept aside for fans.

The DVD features Jimi’s life story told in his own words. Legendary funk bassist Bootsy Collins brings Jimi’s words and story to life. Rare and never before seen footage and photos – as well as the Hendrix family archive of the late guitarist’s personal drawings, postcards home to his father, song drafts, sketches, lyrics are all featured in this special 90 minute presentation.

Authentic Hendrix Item Number: 800-001-034
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Release Date: November 16, 2010
Record Label: Experience Hendrix / Legacy Recordings
Format: CD + DVD
Discs: 4 CDs & 1 DVD

Track Listing:

Disc 1
1. Testify (Parts 1 & 2) 4:07
2. Mercy, Mercy (Single/LP Version) 2:25
3. Can’t Stay Away (LP Version) 2:50
4. My Diary 2:29
5. Utee 2:00
6. I Don’t Know What You Got But It’s Got Me 4:01
7. Dancing All Around The World 2:58
8. I’m So Glad 2:39
9. Move Over And Let Me Dance (Album Version) 2:40
10. Have You Ever Been Disappointed (2007 Remastered Single Version) 6:20
11. Help Me (Get That Feeling) Part One (Single Version) 2:33
12. (My Girl) She’s A Fox 2:44
13. That Little Old Groove Maker 2:15
14. Sweet Thang 2:32
15. Instant Groove (Album Version) 2:22

Disc 2
1. Fire (Anthology Version) 2:51
2. Are You Experienced (Anthology Version) 6:03
3. May This Be Love (Anthology Version) 3:17
4. Can You See Me (Anthology Version) 2:33
5. The Wind Cries Mary (Anthology Version) 4:00
6. Love Or Confusion (Anthology Version) 3:16
7. Little One (Anthology Version) 4:07
8. Mr. Bad Luck (Anthology Version) 2:55
9. Cat Talking To Me (Anthology Version) 2:52
10. Castles Made of Sand (Anthology Version) 3:10
11. Tears Of Rage (Anthology Version) 5:19
12. Hear My Train A Comin’ (Anthology Version) 4:35
13. 1983 (A Merman I Shall Turn To Be) (Anthology Version) 3:29
14. Long Hot Summer Night (Anthology Version) 2:30
15. My Friend (Anthology Version) 3:56
16. Angel (Anthology Version) 3:10
17. Calling All The Devil’s Children (Anthology Version) 5:45
18. New Rising Sun (Anthology Version) 7:24

Disc 3
1. Hear My Freedom (Anthology Version) 5:23
2. Room Full Of Mirrors (Anthology Version) 2:32
3. Shame, Shame, Shame (Anthology Version) 3:00
4. Messenger (Anthology Version) 3:20
5. Hound Dog Blues (Anthology Version) 4:43
6. Untitled Basic Track (Anthology Version) 3:47
7. Star Spangled Banner (Anthology Version) 2:29
8. Purple Haze (Anthology Version) 5:50
9. Young/Hendrix (Anthology Version) 20:56
10. Mastermind (Anthology Version) 4:43
11. Message To Love (Anthology Version) 3:33
12. Fire (Anthology Version) 4:42
13. Foxey Lady (Anthology Version) 6:33

Disc 4
1. Stone Free (Anthology Version) 14:46
2. Burning Desire (Anthology Version) 8:45
3. Lonely Avenue (Anthology Version) 4:21
4. Everlasting First (Anthology Version) 4:14
5. Freedom (Anthology Version) 4:20
6. Peter Gunn/Catastrophe (Anthology Version) 2:55
7. In From The Storm (Anthology Version) 3:35
8. All God’s Children (Anthology Version) 6:19
9. Red House (Anthology Version) 7:30
10. Play That Riff (Anthology Version) 0:37
11. Bolero (Anthology Version) 5:31
12. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) (Anthology Version) 6:05
13. Suddenly November Morning (Anthology Version) 4:!2

Disc 5
1. Age of Zero 8:20
2. The Army 12:23
3. Rolling Stone 10:45
4. Walker Brothers 11:31
5. Plastic Beatles 10:20
6. We’ve Been Together 5:59
7. Lulu 7:31
8. Woodstock 9:31
9. Machine Gun 8:28
10. In From The Storm 5:42
11. Credits 1:02
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